Shark Navigator Lift Away Review

by Philip on April 10, 2013

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Most of us own a vacuum cleaner for our carpeting, a cleaner of some sort for our floor, and perhaps a small, hand-held vacuum cleaner for our car. It seems that none of these are able to cross over into other areas, and that makes cleaning much more of a chore than it needs to be. When you read just about any Shark Navigator Lift Away review, you will see that this vacuum cleaner is perhaps the one vacuum that can take the place of three different appliances and make it easy and more efficient for you to clean just about anything.

What Is the Shark Navigator Lift Away?

At first glance, this looks just like any other stand-up vacuum, with a see-through canister and all of the hoses and attachments you would expect. But, as the name implies, it has the ability to turn into a hand-held canister vacuum in a matter of seconds, allowing you to use it in places that you would not normally use a stand-up vacuum cleaner.

What is even more unique about the Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuum is that it is light enough to be used for stairs and small spaces, but it is heavy duty enough to get more debris out of your carpeting and off of your floor than just about any other model on the market today. With all of the included accessories, you will be able to use this throughout your home and in your vehicle, and get better results than what you are getting with all of the appliances you have right now.

How Does It Work?

The real key to the Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuum is that it has the ability to maintain suction at all times, which results in more allergens and debris being sucked into the canister. It is able to trap more than 99.99% of all dust and allergens in the vacuum, which you can then empty into the trash. For households with pets, this kind of system is absolutely essential.

In addition to this being able to maintain suction on hardwood floors, tile floors, and carpeting too, it is able to be used on stairs, in small spaces, or in your vehicle, simply by removing the canister. You “lift away” the canister and you have a hand-held vacuum cleaner with the power of a full-size one.

What Do the Reviews Say About This Vacuum?

When you read just about any Shark Navigator Lift Away review, you will see that this has the ability to clean all types of surfaces, including tile, hardwood floors, and obviously carpeting. This makes it a much more affordable option than buying multiple cleaning devices, plus you get the ability to quickly switch from one surface to the other with one single appliance.

“This is one of the nicest vacuum cleaners I have ever owned. It is light weight, easy to use, and the suction is great. I love how the head pivots, too.”   - Chrissy,

“I love this vacuum. You can easily vacuum hardwood floors and tile and then transfer to the carpet easily. This has made my carpet look like new.”   -Kevin,

A lot of the people who have bought this vacuum had either read a Shark Navigator Lift Away review or they had seen the commercial on television – either way, they seem to be pretty impressed with the results when they tried it out for themselves.

 “My wife saw this on television and she wanted one because of the lift away capability. This was as good as advertised – easy to use, easy to clean, and great suction, too.”   -Arthur,

Where Should You Buy This Model?

When you compare the list price of the Shark Navigator Lift Away with other high end vacuum cleaners like Bissell or Dyson, you will see that this is indeed a bargain, and the fact that it comes with a five year manufacturer’s warranty means that you will be able to rely on this for a long time to come. If you were to buy this in your local appliance or “big box” store, you could pay $200 or more, but you can save a substantial amount of money by buying it online, and often get free shipping, too.

Is the Shark Navigator Lift Away Vacuum Right for Your Home?

This is one of the few vacuum cleaners that has the built-in ability to fully clean all types of flooring, and do so in a way that will put your current vacuum cleaner to shame. If you have been struggling with an older vacuum cleaner or perhaps one that is too heavy to use on stairs or in small spaces, then the Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuum is ideal for you. This will make vacuuming a lot easier for you, plus it will also help you to get your home cleaner and free from allergens.

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